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Tori grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut listening to folk songs around the campfire and looking up at the night sky. She has always been fascinated by the cosmos, and their mirrored structures down to a microscopic level. She enjoys writing in a similar microcosm-macrocosm manner, hyper-analyzing and writing through a moment until it reveals it’s larger, universal relatability.


Shaped by her family’s grassroots upbringing combined with new-age pop, the result is a concoction of emotional yet imperceptibly catchy material. She combines organic and electronic elements reminiscent of melodic stylings such as Adele, Ed Sheeran or Dermot Kennedy. Her soulful vocals have the ability to soar one moment, as well as emotionally arrest you in their delicateness the next.

Tori as a writer pens with a brutally honest and precise hand, crafting phrases and imagery that takes you through her head in real time as the song originates.


Her debut single “It Gets Better” draws inspiration from pinpointing the heart of a dark, but breakthrough moment and all of its multi-faceted intricacies. She says, “The title may imply an uplifting ballad, but this song is not meant to be an anthem rather a realistic depiction of the messy, non-linear series of thoughts that go through your head when you try to find yourself again”.

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